Team Facilitation

We work  with our clients through individual & team facilitation.  Our workshops provide the unique tools and strategies to create high performing teams.  Never using a ‘one size fits all’ approach we tailor the workshops to Leadership teams, Sales Teams, Operations Teams, Project Teams and to Individuals.

How Team Dynamics is Implemented

Creative process for teams

Whether you are the owner of a small company, a CEO to a medium to large organisation, or a manager within a section of a private or government organisation, Radial 1 Consulting can tailor an engagement specific for your needs and budget.

How can we make a difference to your organisation.  Well it certainly isn’t about taking over your projects or managing your teams.  It is about us facilitating your own staff to gain the understanding they need and then applying it in practical ways.

Typically, we start with a discovery call then a 60 minute debrief with you, after you have completed your own talent dynamics profile assessment.  This focuses on you as an individual, your leadership style and how to use this new-found information in your day-to-day life.  We also understand your particular issues and recommend options.

If you decide to proceed, we suggest you start with your leadership team as these individuals have the greatest influence over your organisation’s success.  Individual debriefs will be held either in person, via video conferencing or by telephone.  The most value will be gained though by getting your team together for a ½ or 1 day workshop where we look at the team profile as a whole and develop strategies to ensure you have the right balance and distribution of energies to ensure you have the ingredients to be a high performing team.

There are then options for further ½ or 1 day workshops for staff that include sales teams, project teams, operational teams and specialist teams (see next page).  You may also want to consider a 2-day Leadership Academy that gets your team working on practical strategies to bring in change within your organisation.

To ensure continued motivation and mentoring we also offer quarterly focus days to keep everyone on-track and motivated to assess progress and deliver the exponential results you identified during the Leadership Academy and Annual Planning Day.

Performance Pathway

High Performance Team Workshops (Options)

Each framework delivers specific direction and results based on the core understanding of the different energies and archetypes:

Workshop One: Executive Teams

LIGHT                                                 – Shines the light to guide by setting strategic direction

EVOLUTION                                      – Gives clear vision, innovation, creative solutions

ATTENTION                                      – Shares information, ask questions & listens effectively

DELIVERY                                          – Service excellence, positive culture, strong community

EVALUATION                                    – Measures, moves and continually improves

RESILIENCE                                      – Supports change and overcoming challenges


  Workshop Two: Sales Teams

STRUCTURE                                       – Systems and tools to provide consistency

AGREEMENT                                      – Solve problems, gain trust and add value

LOYALTY                                             – Engenders relationships & repeat customers

ENGAGEMENT                                   – Identify customer energies and  emotional drivers

SKILLS                                                  – Follow-up, pipeline building, upselling & referrals


Workshop Three: Operations and Specialist Teams

TALENT                                               – Right talent in the right roles in the right team

EMPOWERMENT                              – Engage, educate & provide the best place to work

ALIGNMENT                                       – Great attitudes, accountability and appreciation

MANAGEMENT                                  – Effective meetings, measurement and motivation

SYSTEMS                                              – Support staff, develop skills and set clear standards



Workshop Four: Project Teams


PEOPLE                                            – Managing stakeholders, project team & partners

RISK                                                  – Identifying and mitigating risks

ON TIME/BUDGET                       – Planning & monitoring according to profiles

JUSTIFICATION                            – Benefits identification, management & realisation

EVALUATION                                 – Measurement, reporting, motivation & reward

COMMUNICATION                        – Managing change, delivering key messages

                                                             TRAINING                                        – Use of media, delivery styles, learning styles



 Workshop Five: One-on-One and Groups (Focusing on the Individual)


PROFILE                                             – Understanding why you do what you do

EFFECT                                               – Integration into daily life to reduce frustrations

RELATIONSHIPS                             – Building stronger relationships

SUSTAINMENT                                 – Changing your approach to life to better serve you

OBLIGATIONS                                   – Managing your obligations by understanding others

NURTURE                                           – Caring for self, building resilience, caring for others