Project Consultancy

Radial 1 Consulting’s varied and strong experience in managing and delivering projects allows us to offer our clients a range of tailored services which.  These include getting it right from the beginning through strong project initiation, general project advice or rescuing projects that are failing.

Project Success

High performing teams

We believe there are three keys to ensuring a project is successful.  Managing your people, managing your risks and make sure your plan delivers the benefits identified to justify the project.  Planned effectively at the start of a project, these two are the key to your success.  People impact the successful delivery of projects, whether it is your high performing project team, your stakeholders, your organisation structure, your customers, vendors or suppliers. All contribute to Team Dynamics.

They are all people with personalities, values and needs.  Understand these, and you are half way there.  Project management methodologies, project management software and project management templates are all very important, but they are not the make or break of a project. MORE

Project Advisory

Project Advisory

At Radial 1 Consulting our specialisation is the fast launch (or relaunch) of highly effective projects through hands-on coaching and mentoring.  Often delivered through workshops and one-on-one sessions that are targeted on delivering results.

However, we have had substantial ‘hands on’ experience in delivering complex projects and programs across a multitude of industries and with an array of objectives.

This has given us a vast ‘tool kit’ of pragmatic and innovative solutions that we share with our clients. MORE

Project Rescue

Project failure

 The project is not running well. The evidence is there: milestones are not being reached on time, financials are starting to stretch, the risks are starting to increase, the governance bodies are challenging and showing frustration and impatience.

On top of that, your team culture is deteriorating, the blame game is in full swing and your stakeholders are either aggessive, defensive or just not playing ‘ball’. Who will you call?  Hopefully not GhostBusters.   You need the skills of a successful project delivery partner / coach to help get back on track and perhaps apply a bit of mentoring to your embattled Project Manager.

For a successful project rescue it is vitally important that there is openness and transparency, and that the process is not a witch hunt or to find a scapegoat. MORE