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“Delivering a project isn’t difficult. What’s difficult is delivering a project without first taking the time to plan properly”
James Leal

Project initiation

High performing teams

At Radial 1 Consulting we believe there are three keys to ensuring a project is successful.  Managing your people, managing your risks and make sure your plan delivers the benefits identified to justify the project.  Planned effectively at the start of a project, these two are the key to your success.  People impact the successful delivery of projects, whether it is your high performing project team, your stakeholders, your organisation structure, your customers, vendors or suppliers. All contribute to team dynamics.

They are all people with personalities, values and needs.  Understand these, and you are half way there.  Project management methodologies, project management software and project management templates are all very important, but they are not the make or break of a project.

Recognising the risks to success is the second key.  Whilst most projects identify their risks and plan treatments, rarely do they embrace the full impact these risks can have until they are in danger of affecting or derailing the project. This may be budget overruns, delays, quality or resourcing issues.  Some risks cannot be planned for, or mitigated, but most are predictable or recognised early.

Our skills extend to mentoring, coaching, facilitating, and delivering, our role is to facilitate and provide support. Clarifying the scope, choosing the right team, recognising the project theme, setting up governance all will require some thought and we can guide you through the early stages to ensure long term success.

We can fast track this thinking process as we have many tools and techniques to assist, and above all EXPERIENCE.  However, we are not about templates and tools; we are about pragmatic ‘hand holding’ to create effective and timely decision-making.  We are also about fun, openness and authentic behaviour for ourselves and also to engender in our clients and their project teams.

We are especially skilled in the behavioural sciences that will establish a powerful high performing team.  It is important, we should say imperative, to know the talents each team member will bring to the table.  Not just their skills and experiences, but the necessary traits that make up the talent and trust needed for success.  To learn more go to our Team Dynamics page.

Running a project

organisational design

Once the project is up and running, there are so many aspects to think about.  It takes many hands to keep things moving in the right direction.  But do you know what that is?  How will it impact your stakeholders?  What is their appetite for change?  How will you deliver this change?  Will your project radically disrupt the status quo?  Will it result in the need for significant process redesign, organisational impacts or the need for capability uplift?

We are highly trained to challenge you to ask these questions at the initial stages, before the project gets too far along and budget starts to get burned.  We are certified Project Managers, as well as coaches and facilitators, but most of all use our deep experience, and a set of tried and tested methods to make sure that your project is both well planned and well executed.

Project coaching is not new, but it is rarely used.  Would a professional sports team think of going into the season without a coach?  No, so why is it so unusual to see coaching included in the project budget or in the project plan?  Yet, it is highly recognised that project management coaching makes better project leaders and more productive and successful teams.  In fact, with coaching group dynamics are known to vastly improve.

Project Management coaching (what is it)?

project management coaching

We work with project sponsors, project managers, project teams, leadership teams and key stakeholders to help them overcome the unique challenges they face from their perspective of the project (or program) of work.  Primarily we help them become better leaders, no matter where they are, and at what level in the organisation.

Whilst skills, knowledge, experience and business acumen are all important, it managing relationships, visionary leadership, inspiring trust, energy, drive and above all attitude that will be the difference between success and failure.

For project sponsors and senior accountable executives this is about sending the right message, being visible, dynamic leading, and using their own unique personality to influence the project in a way that is most natural and effective for them.  Not everyone can, even at the most senior level is comfortable with many of the motivational techniques that are encouraged to be used.

For project managers and project teams it’s about making sure they have the right mix of skills, experience and personalities.  That the strengths and challenges of each member are recognised and they are aligned to what they do best.  If someone is introverted and loves analysing and getting into the data, they are highly unlikely to be the best to deliver the road shows.

Sensory people have a great awareness of timing, customer service, negotiating win-win solutions, however they are unlikely to be creative and the first to come up with new ideas.  As coaches, we help with this alignment and identifying where there are gaps or better allocation of responsibilities.

Projects are known to be stressful, whilst it is accepted there will be peaks of activity, it is important that these are kept as short as possible, otherwise the team will burn out.  The greater the stress, the long hours and the mismatched responsibilities, the more it will have a longer term impact on the success of the project and on the health and welfare of the team.

We use strategies to ensure the team remains focused on what is important to succeed, builds strong relationships with the key players and partners, actively mitigate and manage risks, leads the team and clearly understand the vision.

Getting started

performance management

To ensure there is a synergy, first step we provide is a free consultation.  This can be in person, over video conferencing, telephone or in person.

We look at your unique challenges, the culture and attributes of your organisation, what is your vision for your project, what do you need to achieve to be successful, do you have any leadership concerns?

In the consultation we will particularly explore your team dynamics, any relationship issues, either within the team or with external partners and stakeholders.  We will also explore a series of questions about the project and the style of the organisation, project sponsor and project manager.

Following the consultation, we will follow up with a package proposal, for your consideration, as to how we can assist you.  The proposal will usually consist of:

  • A brief diagnosis or summary of your project objectives, challenges and expectations
  • Profiling recommendations
  • Specific coaching activities recommended
  • Logistics for holding a team dynamic session (usually 1/2 or full day)
  • Proposal to fast launch project definition and planning
  • How to add more value
  • Leadership coaching recommendations.

“When you invite people to share in your miracle, you create future allies during rough weather.”
Shannon L. Alder

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