Gillian Anderson (Director)

Gillian Anderson

Introducing your Performance Consultant – Gillian Anderson.

If you would like a deeper insight into how to fast track your team’s performance and get the best out of your staff, you need specific knowledge, tools and techniques that have proven success by thousands of individuals and organisations.   The tools we us have been developed by world renowned specialists, including Anthony Robbins, Chris Howard, John Demartini, and Roger James Hamilton.  Being a highly experienced organisational change specialist and project director allows me to deliver them in a truly unique and professional way.

In 2007 I was introduced to Wealth Dynamics (created by Roger James Hamilton and I became a certified performance consultant for Talent Dynamics in 2015 .  Having used it everyday in both my work and personal life.  In 2017 I became an associate with Team Dynamics, the UK based organisation who are recognised as the No. 1 global partner for the Talent Dynamics profiling tool that is the core of the services they offer.

I am a seasoned  coach and mentor, and combine my 25 years of project management, change management and business process re-engineering experience with these ground-breaking techniques to provide a very unique service to our clients.

I am British born becoming a naturalised Australian citizen in 2011.  My apprenticeship into the world of change management and project delivery began at the age of 17 working for Overseas Containers Ltd as a Project Scheduler.  I developed skills in Business Process Design working for Bank of America in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  That role was followed with establishing the Business Change function for Bank of Bermuda Ltd, including introducing Quality Management (TQM) and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR),  into their worldwide network.

After Bermuda I joined Standard Chartered Bank to occupy a global role based in Singapore, as Head of Business Process Re-engineering.  Here, I delivered a number of ground-breaking and complex projects before leading the development of the Operating Model capability for the worldwide group.

In 2000 I moved to Australia where I worked for National Australia Bank establishing Operating Models for the business technology division, and taking responsibility for the business change program.  After clocking over 10,000 hours of project management experience I obtained PMI Certification.

I also commenced my personal journey into what has  become my passion – understanding human behaviour.  With my extensive knowledge in human behaviour studies, combined with in-depth cultural experiences, business delivery skills I am able to provide quite a different approach to most consultants.

Taking my passion even further, I also work with families who after all are just another form of team.  Family Relationship Dynamics is the organisation that operates a complete program for individuals, couples and families.

Starting young people on the right path is an integral part of our Family Relationship Dynamics work.  Therefore rather than ‘reinvent the wheel’, I have become  a Travel Guide (Coach) for the amazing program for young people called Ignition. Together we take both the parents and the children on their journeys to a new level of magnificence.

Our mission is to forge new paths to assist family units, especially blended families (or bonus families as I prefer to call them) to create resilient, loving, connected modern families.  These are the same tools and techniques I use to create high performing teams for business.

I consider myself a global citizen splitting my time helping business and families across Australia, UK and Asia.