Family Dynamics improvement

Team Dynamics Explained

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

Attributed to Albert Einstein 

This Makes Us Unique

We are all different identities, made up of personalities, talents, skills, beliefs and values, the combination of which make us unique.  These have all been honed initially through our family, but later by our schooling, friends, partners, training, workmates and experiences that we have.

There does not seem to be a pattern that can be established as to why each family will have the personalities that it does.  In all probability nature has been clever enough to provide a mix and balance.  Unfortunately we very often do not see this as a gift but as a set of obstacles that need to either be overcome or ignored.

Yet understanding the different people and their identities within the family unit and using them to best advantage is the way to create something magical.  For Family Businesses being able to capitalise on each person’s strengths and allowing them to perform roles that best suit them will bear dividends for the individual, the business and the family as a whole.

This is just as relevant for non-family members, the difference is that any conflict can be left in the workplace and does not affect private lives.  Whereas, with families it can spill over and impact the very core of the family relationships, including family members who are not even involved in the business.

This is never more evident than when it is time to pass the reigns from the current leader (patriarch/matriarch) and the appointed successor.  In many instances, the successor will be a very different personality to their predecessor.  This means they see the world very differently and want to run the company in a way that is natural to them, but completely opposite how the patriarch/matriarch had run it.  Trust is easily lost and often the performance of the business suffers, people leave and family tension occurs.

More bad blood is spilled at this stage than any other in a family business. 

Why Is This Important

Understanding the personalities and how to communicate and utilise them effectively is fundamental to the success of the business and the family unit in the longer term.  This is why we, at Radial 1, always start by obtaining the core information and personality profiles of the key personnel within the business, and often within the family too.  Harmonious relationships and collaboration will allow a business to outshine its competitors, develop fantastic relationships with its customers and suppliers and ensure an enduring legacy.

Many consultants use personality profiling in their initial analysis, but very few use it the way we do, we are introducing the following:

  •  Leadership styles,
  • Optimum team composition
  • Communication styles
  • Learning styles
  • Best use of natural talents to allow people to excel
  • Recruitment guidance
  • Service delivery

Overall, if we understand why we do what we do, and why the others in our business and family naturally act the way they do, we are creating a whole level of understanding and above all TRUST.  We then know what we can be certain each team member can do well and what is not in their natural talents.

If there are no options but to assign responsibilities that are not a member’s natural talents, then we will help you to understand how to balance this so they do not get stressed, bored or lose interest, thus often creating tension, which is when problems can arise..

 Instead of focusing on Return on Investment (ROI) we will focus on Return on Relationships (ROR) which will outperform ROI everytime in many different ways, including Financial, competitor edge, customer satisfaction, innovation and overall success.

 See Case Studies for examples of previous clients we have worked with that have benefited from our in-depth understanding of Team and Family Dynamics.