Applying Talent Dynamics

Talent Dynamics is significantly different to other Psychometric tools as it include the missing elements from the original I-Ching that were ignored when Carl Jung pioneered personality testing in the West . These were the ancient Chinese philosophies described as the five natural “frequencies” (or Energies), each of which is linked to a season – Spring, Sumner, Autumn, Winter – the fifth being Spirit.

With Team Dynamics we use both the 4 energies to differentiate the actions and approaches that should be applied, depending on the individual being communicated to.

It is fairly easy to identify at least which Energy is dominant in an individual, it is much harder to accurately pick which archetype they are without them completing the Talent Dynamics assessment.

Here we help you to understand how to work with the different energies:

When selling a product or an idea (as projects often have to do) much greater results will be achieved by identifying the decision-maker(s) and what is their predominant energy.  If in doubt ensure that you cover all bases to ensure you keep your audience engaged and the can see the value of what you are offering.

Here are some ideas for selling:

We extensively cover this in our Sales Dynamics workshops