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About Radial 1 Consulting Pty Ltd

(ACN: 114 580 433)

Radial 1 Consulting Pty Ltd is a very successful privately owned company registered in Australia.  It has been in continuous operation since October 2005 and its directors have over 70 years collective global experience in project management, change management, risk management, business process and organisational redesign.  Having led many complex programs of work both in the private and public sector across 5 continents, we have a wealth of experience and unique knowledge that we bring to any organisation we work with.

In 2009 we discovered the power of Talent Dynamics© profiling and became certified Performance Coaches, thus adding a new skill to our repertoire of services.  Understanding the power of really ‘getting’ what make people ‘do what they do’ and incorporating this into both our consulting work and our personal lives has been revolutionary and changed our lives forever.

Recently we met Paul Avins and the UK-based Team Dynamics team.  We were incredibly impressed with the authenticity, professionalism and innovation that this company offers.

Team Dynamics© has built a unique system that enables organisations to tap into the talents of their people and harness their true potential.  They are recognised as the No. 1 Global Partner for the Talent Dynamics profiling tool that is the core of the services they offer.

Radial 1 Consulting has now partnered with Team Dynamics© to bring you the most comprehensive and practical approach to developing high performing teams.  Whether this is your leadership team, sales teams, project teams, operational or specialist teams.  The tools and training available can be customised to be relevant to any niche where teams are involved, we even work with family dynamics as this is just another form of a team.

Using this material, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience of working in the corporate world, we would like to help you to recruit, develop and build high performing teams.  As well as develop your leaders to inspire and guide your organisation in ways that will allow you to outperform your competitors.

We love working with organisations to develop high performing teams, but due to our extensive and diverse background we are able to provide many management consulting services including:

  • Business and IT Project/Program Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Change and Organisation Management
  • Governance, Quality Assurance, and Reviews
  • Information Management Strategic Planning
  • IT effectiveness, Organisation and management
  • Line Management
  • Portfolio Management (P3M3)
  • Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Procurement and Outsourced service management
  • Risk Management

It doesn’t matter which industry we work with as our products and services are applicable to any type of business.  However, our past experience is extensively in the following sectors:

  • Aviation
  • Banking/Finance
  • Defence
  • Distribution/ Logistics
  • Law enforcement
  • Public Sector (Federal and State Governments)

The company Directors are:

Gillian Anderson

Stephen Baxendale


Selection of Radial 1 Consulting Clients:

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