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Until recently Radial 1 Consulting was a successful privately owned company registered in Australia, and now is operating in the U.K.  It has been in continuous operation since October 2005 and its directors have over 70 years collective global experience in business process and organisational redesign, change management, family dynamics, project management and risk management, as well as how to run a successful business . 

Having led many complex programs of work both in the private and public sector across 5 continents, we have a wealth of experience and unique knowledge that we bring to any person or organisation we work with.

Radial in Aviation terms means navigation towards an outcome, it does not dictate the actual route, just the destination.  We use our expertise to help you deliver the outcomes you want not just to go through a process.

Our key strategy is to fly high together.  We are your co-pilots.  We are not just simply solving problems, or looking at whatever the specific issue is that you are looking for coaching or mentor for.  We are actually on a journey, a flight, as the copilot.  We help you to reach the destination you want to go to.

We are not just here to help guide you through your experience, we are here to provide innovation, support and to find real life, pragmatic solutions.  We have found taking this approach makes us a better pilot as well.


Gillian Anderson

Impact Consultant & mentor (Director)

My goal is to have an impact on your business to ensure that you thrive as your industry evolves  I am highly experienced in business strategy, re-engineering processes and all aspects of organisational change, as well as an experienced mentor and consultant.  I will ‘roll up my sleeves’ to help you get the results you are looking for.  As a social entrepreneur my goal is to have not just an impact on my customers, but also on areas of the world that need our help too.  That is why I am a champion on Buy1Give1.

Stephen Baxendale

Mentor, trainer, Consultant (DIRECTOR)

If you are looking for assistance to get a project back on track, commence a new complex project or train and facilitate a team, Whether you are starting a new business, especially a property business, or want to reengineer your business processes and grow your business then I am your go to person.  I will also help you with your ‘numbers’ to be profitable and to measure your progress and profits along the way.  If you want to mitigate risks in innovative ways with ‘out of the box’ thinking, I can help you.

Our Story

Radial 1 Consulting is our second company that was formed in 2005 to meet the needs of large Corporates and Government Agencies who wanted practical and hands-on advice to improve their processes, systems and project delivery.  Bringing our combined internationally gained professional knowledge, as well as our unique skills and lifetime experiences, we were able to create something magical to help our clients achieve their goals.

You can have the best systems and processes but if you do not understand people then you will never win them over to change.  That was when we discovered Wealth Dynamics for Owners and Talent Dynamics for Teams.  Having been studying human behaviour and business sociology since 2000, this was the ‘missing link’ in being able to make the difference in organisations.

In 2017 we took a slightly different tack and started working with smaller businesses and Entrepreneurs who wanted to grow their business and did not know how.  This was when all the tools and systems offered by Entrepreneurs Institute really became an integral part of our tool kit.  Their future focused philosophies and practical strategies designed by Roger James Hamilton have given us the leading edge in helping businesses to exponentially change and grow.



We are a family business and understand the special challenges that family-owned businesses experience.   If things go wrong it is impossible to leave issues in the workplace, they affect everyone.  We are able to really understand and use strategies to address these sensitivities,

We are now very proud to be the appointed Entrepreneur Dynamics consultants for the Midlands (and UK and Ireland) on behalf of Entrepreneurs Institute.  Our relationship with this group has gone back 13 years, we have attended most of their seminars, retreats and experience adventures around the world and have an excellent working relationship with the company.,  We love their products and services as they really do make a difference to whether a business will survive and then thrive.

Working with both myself and my business partner Gillian showed us how to work together with our particular profiles. The accuracy was spot on and beyond useful. I am employing her services to also work with my team. Don’t just read your profile, have Gill drill down with you and your team, then let her show you how to use this invaluable information on a day-to-day basis. Gill is a woman of great integrity and insight, and has a clear passion for this work!”

Jan Balfe – Elderhog Mangalitsa Pig Breeders

Why Work With Us?


We can make a real different to your company and we can do it in a cost effective way. We know that most companies need more leads and more customers and new markets right now.  We work on your highest priorities, and for many that is just being able to stay in business!

We are certified trainers and mentors who can take you through your personalised path based on where you are and where you are going. We help you to focus on your customers, what they need from you and make sure you are serving your market in a way that is most meaningful to them.  We make sure you have a high performing team, which in turn allows you to leverage their talents and increase both the engagement and trust of the individuals but also increase productivity and profitability.


Books & Publications

Gillian is a published author of two books and appeared in a number of publications

You are a genius

Personal Development & Business

You Are A Genius

Stories from people who have been trained by Roger James Hamilton and how it has impacted their lives in a positive way.  Each story has led to transformation for the author in a way that reflects their specific genius and how it has served them.

Second change for a love to last

Divorce and Remarriage Advice

Second Chance

The Ultimate guide to marrying again.  This book takes the reader on a journey from the very source of how the union of marriage occurred through getting over divorce, finding the right new partner and the practical aspects of moving in together.

Relationship Books for Second Marriages

Love2Last Series

All the ebooks within the series address different aspects of getting married or repartnering again.  This includes guides for arrangment a second wedding as well as what cause relationships to fail and how the wider family can be equally affected.  

Business Article in CWCC magazine Nov 2019

Family Owned

This article was specifically about the impact of change experienced by Family Owned businesses when the founder chooses to retire and there is generational transition.  The new owner is the Entrepreneur now.