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We provide a fully tailored set of systems for businesses that want to grow exponentially and in a sustainable way no matter what size they are today.
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Why we do what we do

Our ‘why’  is to inspire and assist businesses to find their unique pathway (flow), create engaged staff, and love what they are doing. This allows them to prosper and navigate these extraordinary & exciting times in which we live.

In turn this helps our communities to address the social issues facing us locally, in our country, and across the world and in the next 10 years win the ‘human race’. 


What we do

Entrepreneurs Institute, the World’s #1 Entrepreneur Education Group has appointed Radial 1 Consulting as their Faculty for the Midlands, UK.  This gives us access to world class tools and opportunities for our clients, whilst providing personalised support at the local level.  With the launch of Entrepreneur Dynamics we now have a full system that can be described as Agile Leadership.  This is designed specifically for those who are building their  business as entrepreneural businesses so they can stay up in the sky and fly i.e. they can operate and thrive in this rapidly changing world that we live.


On-line Learning

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Consulting Services

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How we operate

Using the analogy and theme of flying throughout the business, we are able to tailor our offerings to match the level of skill and knowledge required to operate businesses from start ups through to those with 1 million+ customers.

We train Entrepreneurs to be both the pilot and captain of their own business, whatever impact level that business is at.  A qualified Cessna pilot cannot fly a Boeing 737, they need both ground school (theory) and practice to become competent before moving up to the next level.

Our Three Models 

Aligning with Entrepreneurs Institute’s levels of Enterprise we operate three models of development.  Within this we also cover the stages of Entrepreneurship that need to occur for the business is sustainable:


The Cessna

(Start ups & Solopreneurs)

The Lear Jet


The Boeing 737


At the very first stage of a start-up, the focus is solely on serving the first customers and ensuring the product or service that is being co-created is solving that customer’s problem in a way that deserves payment, and in a way that is better than the alternatives.

At the next stage, the focus moves from creating value to leveraging the value in a predictable way. This is the time to create a customer pathway that enables you to scale the business without simply relying on word-of-mouth or having tobe tied to  working in the business.

At this stage, the focus moves to growing a talent pathway and then on building a capital pathway that attracts resources for growth. Specific change models are required to ensure the organisation continues to evolve to remain efficient and effective and can navigate challeges.

Our Services

Within the three models we offer the following services, whether delivered through training programmes or through our consulting services as we go into businesses


What you will Learn or Experience

Principles of Entrepreneur Dynamics to follow

How to test and improve your products rapidly

Simple steps to automate your marketing with AI

How to bring in change without objections

Systems you can use today to multiply your sales

Fastest path to take your business global

Smart social media strategies to wow your customers

How to attract and keep world class talent

About Entrepreneur Dynamics

What is Entrepreneur Dynamics?

100 years ago the Wright Brothers first took off in a plane.  20 years later people where still trying to figure out how to fly and most were crashing.  There were no flight academies, licences and no aviation authority to provide standardised tests to fly, carry passengers or create safe skies.  Entrepreneur Dynamics is the equivalent for those like you who want to learn how to build a sustainable business and not crash in the first 5 years like 90% of start ups.

What does it consist of?

 It consists of four key steps: 1) Know your Entrepreneur Level 2) Know your Enterprise Level 3) Know your Personal Flow and Team Flow 4) Introduce Impact Dynamics which is how you actually design out every part of your business so that you have a rhythm every year, every month and also every week that you can then follow to ensure that as times change that you’re able to change with them as well.

Why is Entrepreneur Dynamics Important Now

It took 23 years before pilots needed a license and 63 years before the Aviation Authority was created.  Entrepreneurship has been in a similar place, where for the last 30 years anyone can launch a company without needing a pilot’s license or going to flight academy. In fact, there have been no flight academies or pilot’s manual for entrepreneurs to follow even if they wanted to. That’s one of the reasons the failure rate of new start-ups is so high – Just like the pilots and planes of the past, too many have taken off and crashed.

With Entrepreneur Dynamics, that’s now changed. Like a flight academy for entrepreneurs, it gives you a step-by-step guide to grow your enterprise or agile leadership teams. The tools in Entrepreneur Dynamics are already being used by the most innovative and valuable companies in the world, including Google, Microsoft and IBM. Now it’s your turn!

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About Gillian Anderson

Impact Consultant

Gillian is the lead Director of Radial 1 Consulting.  She has been involved with Entrepreneurs Institute since 2010, and uses their tools on a daily basis with clients as part of her business sociology work. 

She is thrilled to be appointed the Faculty Member for Birmingham and the Midlands, UK.  She also created Family Relationship Dynamics and uses Talent Dynamics as an integral part of her work.  Gillian’s career background has always been in business transformation, business process redesign and organisational change.  She considers herself a global citizen having lived on five continents and worked in over forty countries.

Companies & People We have Worked With

“Gillian is a remarkable Mentor – she recently delivered a White Paper on GeniusU, addressing the platform and the team and what she sees as its limitations, with thoughtful and concise feedback on how these can be addressed and improved. I had in-depth meetins with Gillian where I received invaluable advice. If you need a consultant to come and dissect your product or business, and help you with strategy I highly recommend Gillian.

“What an amazing experience for our family business. Gill was both warm and informative and able to make sense of our whole family dynamic and our business operations. She made each of us, feel ‘special’ with personal attention, insights and advice. We feel closer as a team after the session and have some good, practical ideas for our next steps to grow the business and improve our cashflow.”

Vanda and Daniel Chadwick

Owners, Canberra, Australia

I would like to highly commend the work Gillian conducted for both individual and the Group sessions with my team of Recruiters and Account Managers. The results were very insightful and caused us to rethink some of our team alignments. Gillian explained the profiles and, after working with her I see that it accurately reflects who I am and how I lead my staff. I would highly recommend others to invest in this unique and highly practical set of tools and the consultancy services that came with them. Moving forward, new consultants joining my organisation will now have their profile assessed as part of the on-boarding process.

David Smith

Manager, Peoplebank, Australia

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