Team Dynamics

Low team performance is one of the biggest issues in the workplace today. Creating High Performing Teams is the fastest way to turn a business around, deliver a failing project, increase sales and develop a cohesive and committed Leadership team

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Team Facilitation

We work  with our clients through individual & team facilitation.  Our workshops provide the unique tools and strategies to create high performing teams.  Never using a ‘one size fits all’ approach we tailor the workshops to Leadership teams, Sales Teams,

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Project Consultancy

Radial 1 Consulting’s varied and strong experience in managing and delivering projects allows us to offer our clients a range of tailored services which.  These include getting it right from the beginning through strong project initiation, general project advice or

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Radial 1 Consulting is a niche company specialising in facilitating organisations to develop High Performing Teams, whether it is leadership Teams, Sales Teams, Project Teams, Operations Teams or Specialist Teams.

Do you want to vastly improve your chance of success? Team dynamics is one of the overlooked components of any business. Yet, it affects so much of how a business operates; from an individual to the collection of teams that form the backbone of an organisation.

That’s not all, we can also work with you to make sure you fast track your project success, so you get things right from the start.

If a team is not well synchronised, or out of flow, progress is slow or maybe doesn’t happen at all. Accuracy levels decrease, absence increases, motivation is lacking, unhealthy competitiveness creeps in, the culture changes and trust is eroded.

Creating high performing teams has a major positive impact on your bottom line.  It increases morale, delivers great service to customers and makes coming to work enjoyable for everyone and in turn delivers far better results.  Staff feel understood  become more productive, self-motivating and enjoy being held accountable for their actions.

If you are a Government Agency or Not for Profit Organisation we can help you to deliver your outcomes faster, lower your costs and help you to retain your staff.  Whatever you deliver we will help you to deliver it better.

We are not here to embed ourselves for months in your projects, we thrive on getting projects started (or restarted) and then setting our clients off on a path of success. Knowing we are one phone call away if needed.

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"The P in PM is as much about 'people management as it is about 'project management'" Cornelius Fichtner

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What our Clients Say:

What Talent Dynamics brings to a team is the insight to make sure that everybody in a business is clear and happy about which part they have to play in building lifetime customer trust. As a business team tool, it gives permission for us to realise what we are good at and build on those strengths. But as a selling tool it is priceless. If we can understand what and how our valued customers are in flow too, then we can make sure that their experience with us is bespoke and personalised to help them be their best.

Founding Partner

I would like to highly commend the work Gillian conducted both individual and the Group sessions with my team of Recruiters and Account Managers. The results were very insightful and caused us to rethink some of our team alignments. Gillian accurately explained the profiles and, after working with Gillian I see that it accurately reflects who I am and how I lead my staff. I would highly recommend others to invest in this unique and highly practical tool. Moving forward, new consultants joining my organisation will now have their profile assessed as part of the on-boarding process.

David Smith - Australia
PeopleBank Recruitment Agency

Wow Gillian, thank you so much for a fantastically enlightening session. You have given me tools that enable me to see the unique value of the people I work with. Really looking forward to working with you again in the near future. I would highly recommend Gillian as your preferred performance consultant. Thank you.

Jan Balfe - UK
Elderhog, Mangalitsa Pig Breeders

Gill took me through a through and insightful analysis of my personality, which is by far the clearest and most useful interpretation I ‘ve had or seen. Working with both myself and my business partner she showed us how to be work together with our particular profiles. The accuracy was spot on and beyond useful. I am employing her services to also work with my team. Don’t just read your profile, have Gill drill with you and your team, then let me show you how to use this invaluable information on a day-to-day basis. Gill is a woman of great integrity and insight, and has a clear passion for this work.

Bee Rowan
Director and Head Trainer Straw Build NGO - UK


business consulting services

Consulting Services

As a small firm we can provide competitive pricing for our consultancy services.  We provide practical and niche advice to help you start your projects with a much higher statistical chance of success.  We can provide once-off and regular mentoring

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Workshop Facilitation

Are you ready to commit to fast tracking your team to greater productivity, profitability while giving them the gift of freedom?  We offer tailored packages for Leadership, sales, teamwork, projects and individuals.         By purchasing this package

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Performance Pathway

Performance Pathway

Do you want more comprehensive assistance?  Are you ready to commit to the One Year Performance Pathway that will revolutionise your company? Possibly you have a larger team, or you would like Radial1 Consulting to assist with fast tracking your

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